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It was very early, after finishing my college when I started facing balding problems. It was just 23 and it all started all of a sudden. I started using many products but nothing worked as well as Hair building fiber. I get my normal hair growth back and I now look absolutely handsome.
- A. Joshi, Kanpur

Hair fall was very normal for me with the changing season but the problem arises when it lead to the thinning of hair from left side of head. It was really shocking for me at first but I tried various products to bring to normal. Nothing proved to be working till I tried Hair building fiber. The product worked great on me and has filled all the hair thinning areas on my head.
- M. Dhar, New Delhi

Hair fall is a really a very frightening problem because of which I stopped carrying open locks. I almost lost half of my hair strength and it looked really shabby. The hair now left on my head are of no use to me as I can open and flaunt them in air. Then I started using hair fiber. It is really very fantastic. I never imagined it to be so useful. I suggest everyone to use it.
- R. Pillai, Chennai

My hair fall started because of the change in air and water after my marriage. The problem got very serious when it leads to balding my head. My husband got me various expensive products but nothing was as effective as Hair fiber. Now I am back with my beautiful long hair.
- S. Khurana, Bathinda